Brooklyn Middle School #1

October 27, 2017



Rokyatou (Democracy Prep): 1st Place

Sabrina (Xaverian): 2nd Place

Aniya (Democracy Prep): 3rd Place

Mariwa (Democracy Prep): 4th Place

J'Adora (AF Endeavor): Interp, 5th Place

Student Congress

Amanda (Xaverian): 1st Place

Dimitrios (Xaverian): 2nd Place

Lindsay (Xaverian): 3rd Place


Alexander (Xaverian): 1st Place

Patrick (Xaverian): 2nd Place

Caroline (Xaverian): 3rd Place

Carmine (Xaverian): 4th Place

Jamal (AF Voyager): 5th Place


Comonte & Bach (Poly Prep): 1st Place

LeDuc & Perry (Poly Prep): 2nd Place

Sah & Crowley (Poly Prep): 3rd Place

Wisseh (AF Apollo): 4th Place


Congrats to all of our first-time participants and special shout-out to our champions:

Prose: Rokyatou D., Democracy Prep

Extemp: Kaya D., Achievement First

Declamation: Fatima, Democracy Prep

Congress: Talin Schell, Berkeley Carroll

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