AFBHS Speech & Debate is one of the only low-income, inner-city teams competing on the local, state and national circuit. Most Speech & Debate programs represent private schools​ or well-endowed public schools that receive more federal funding because of the wealthy neighborhoods they are located in.

As you can see above, the most expensive part of our program is involved in traveling. In addition to the local tournaments in Brooklyn and Queens nearly every weekend, we take our most committed students to compete at invitationals around the country including Yale, Princeton, Harvard, UPenn, and Emory, and the cost of these trips add up quickly. 

Our anticipated costs for 2016-17 are increasing because our roster is doubling in size from 20 students to over 50 students. Additionally, we have not as of July 2016 secured the funding from the AF Network, so we will be relying more heavily on donations and other fundraising efforts this year.

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